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>Is there anyone interested in the selection and development of australian
>native plants?


Picked up your message on Sun 17-11-96. I might be interested in
australian native plants. I am growing flowers in Zimbabwe for the
European market. We produce there from October up to June. At the
moment I am growing Setaria (grass) and Euapatorium. A friend of mine
and owner of the land is growing 13 Ha of Hypericum. We are always
looking for new varieties of flowers. My experience in trials is that
plants of Australian origin do well in Zimbabwe.

It is essential that they are able to travel, packed in dry boxes.
Then they are about 36 hrs without water. We have a place available
where we do trials with new material. It is our aim always to stay
ahead with new varities, because the transport charges from Zimbabwe
to Holland are very high, labour costs are low, so what really counts
is the value we can put in a box of 90 x 50 x 40 cms. A box should alt
least yield USD 120,- to make it commercially interesting. An example:
At the moment I am shipping Setaria. Per stem that yields only USD
0.05, but since I am able to pack 3000 stems in a box it is still
worthwhile to ship. 

We really have to stay ahead of the market. The Hypericum grown in
Zimbabwe first yielded USD 7.00 a stem. They were the first to
introduce it in Europe in wintertime, but now Isael took over. Their
transport charges are far less than we have to pay. By staying ahead
in varieties, producing new colours etc. Zimbabwe is able still to
fetch acceptable prices.

With the breeder of the Eupatoriums that I grow I have an agreement
that he gets a % of the price per stem that I am growing to produce.
That is the remunaration of his efforts and costs. This is stated in a
written agreement between him and me. On the other hand he is not
allowed to hand the variety out to other growers in Africa.

I am in Holland now, will travel back to Zimbabwe on 28-11-96 and stay
there until 22-12-96. Then I'll go back to Zimbabwe again for 3

My address in Holland is:
OSFLOR / Evert J. Oskam
Kerkdwarsstraat 2a
4041 XC Kesteren
phone +31 488 483 013
fax + 31 488 483 599
e-mail: oskagro at

My address in Zimbabw is:
OSFLOR / c.o. Frascati Farm
P.O.Box HG 195
Highlands - Harare
phone: +263 74 521/2/3
fax +263 74 524
e-mail: frascati at

I will be very curious to know what you have to offer and how we could
co-operate. Awaiting you info a.s.a.p.

Evert Oskam.

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