plant movement video?

ANNE KNOX aknox at
Thu Nov 21 12:13:18 EST 1996

On 21 Nov 1996, Dr J. Pritchard wrote:

> Does anyone know where you can get material showing plants moving?  I=20
> was thinking along the lines of stomata, Venus flytraps, time lapse of=20
> growth, gravitropism, leaf rolling, leaf movements etc., basically any=20
> turgor driven movement in plants.  I was wondering if there are any=20
> videos/CD ROM=92s/websites where this stuff is available?
> Thanks
> Jeremy=20
I just saw the movie MicroCosmic, which opened last week and has won all=20
sorts of awards.  It is a video-documentary of insects and their=20
interaction with plants in the French countryside.  The footage was=20
amazing, especially the time-lapse Venus flytrap section.  No talking, just=
incredible videography and lots of time-lapse footage.  Near the end they a=
time lapse of a wasp asleep on a flower as the flower curls up around it.
I highly recommend it.

- Anne

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