Latin name of "queen of the night" in dutch knows as "koningin van de nacht"

Henk Beentje H.Beentje at
Fri Nov 22 11:58:03 EST 1996

bram dijkema wrote:
> I'm looking for the latin name of a flower/plant that in dutch is
> called "Koningin van de nacht" which translates to "queen of the
> night". People 've been telling me that only blossoms during the
> night, presumably only once in its lifetime.

Victoria amazonica (used to be V. regia) used to cause a sensation 
at the Amsterdam Hortus when it flowered, and the Hortus would have
special night openings. This is the giant waterlily. But I've never heard 
 the name you mention being used for it, so this is just a suggestion.
Flowers more than once in its lifetime, too.


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