Latin name of "queen of the night" in dutch knows as "koningin van de nacht"

William Glover wmglover at PIPELINE.COM
Fri Nov 22 06:06:37 EST 1996

>> I'm looking for the latin name of a flower/plant that in dutch is
>> called "Koningin van de nacht" which translates to "queen of the
>> night". People 've been telling me that only blossoms during the
>> night, presumably only once in its lifetime.

Vernacular names in English are as troublesome as they are in Dutch, or any
other language.

The 'Queen of the Night' is an English name given to a number of large,
tropical epiphytic cacti, the most spectacular being Selinicereus
grandiflorus. Given good care and sufficient room, most spp. of
Selinicereus will flower in temperate zone greenhouses. And many times more
than once.

William Glover
Nevis, West Indies
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