HELP with plants DESPERATELY needed! PLEASE help!

Sean Whitty swhitty at
Sun Nov 24 12:50:36 EST 1996

Hello, my name is Sean. I have a huge project that is due December 3, but I
have no idea where to find what I need for it. If ANYONE is good with
plants, PLEASE reply via e-mail ASAP if you could find it in your heart to
help me. See... I get a list of clues, and I have to figure out what kind
of plant it is talking about from the clue. Then I have to name the clue,
draw the plant, name the plant, and explain it's adaptation. I have 20 to
do, and my partner the other 20.

For example:

37. Land plant that must be covered in water to sexually reproduce.

If anyone could help me with this type of information PLEASE let me know! I
am DESPERATE. Thank you SO MUCH in advance.
Sean Whitty
swhitty at
swhitty at
swhitty at

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