Zinnias and other annuals.....

Mickey Van Dyke mickeyv at shiatel.tds.net
Tue Nov 26 21:26:39 EST 1996

Hello! This is my first time on newsgroups! I am a Master Gardener who
grows 3000 feet of annual beds...specializing in Zinnias and other annuals
that are grown by direct seeding. I am in zone 5 and  and also have over
100 perennials and flowering shrubs. I have started a "nature trail" with
many different varieties of trees and shrubs with plans to keep adding more
every year. I also enjoy vegetable gardening.
	We have a small seed Co. that offers 9 different varieties of annual seeds
including our Supreme Variety Zinnias. I would love to communicate with any
gardeners and I enjoy researching any info on gardening.  I would be glad
to answer any garden related questions you might have. If I don't know the
answer...I will try to find it for you! That way, I learn too! I look
forward to any corespondence!
Mickey Van Dyke
Van Dyke Zinnias

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