Kurrajong problem

Stephen Chalmers 94035871 at postoffice.csu.edu.au
Wed Nov 27 07:01:15 EST 1996

Has anyone noticed a problem with Kurrajongs (Brachychiton
populneus) in their area this season? We've had no end of
trouble with quite large trees dying back to an alarming

The narrower stems (i.e the still green ones) have a black
or dark brown lesion that is reminiscent of some sort of
fungus, or a necrotic organism. Obviously circulation is 
being cut off through the cambium layer.

With some instances, we have noticed a sooty mould, but I
think these ones have suffered aphid attack. Maybe they are
a vector for something more damaging. We can find nothing in
the literature that approximates the symptoms.

We did treat the sooty mould specimen with maldison and
white oil, and I think it had some effect. It was difficult,
as the tree is 15m high, and has at least that spread.

Any ideas appreciated.

Regards, Stephen Chalmers.
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