Are there any Dicot bulbs or corms?

Scott Vergara svergara at
Thu Nov 28 12:33:07 EST 1996

Greetings All,

In discussing the morphology of bulbs and corms in class the other day it
struck me that all the plants that I am aware of that form true bulbs and
corms as survival structures are Monocots.  Does anyone know of examples of
Dicotyledonous bulbs or corms?  If my botany professors mentioned any, I
missed that point.

As a professional horticulturist and educator I like to know of the
exceptions in case such a question arises.

Please send a CC to me via email as I am not always able to check the

Thanks in advance for any help rendered.

Scott Vergara
near Seattle, Washington, USA

svergara at

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