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Fri Nov 29 03:44:30 EST 1996

Colby Zaph wrote:
> Does anyone know of a good basic reference for plant viruses-
> specifically the potyvirus family? I have several good references (my
> topic I am researching is creating resistant fruits and plants). Any
> help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
> Colby Zaph
> cheese at

By far the best and most comprehensive recent work on the Potyviruses

Shukla, D.D. Ward, C.W. and Brunt, A.A. (1995). The
Potyviridae. Wallingford, UK: CAB International. 516pp.

For a more general introduction to Plant Viruses, try:
Matthews, R.E.F. (1991). Plant Virology, 3rd edition. New York etc:
Academic Press.

or the shorter version:
Matthews, R.E.F. (1992). Fundamentals of Plant Virology. New York etc:
Academic Press. 403pp.

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