Plants from Jamaica

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Sat Nov 30 07:17:05 EST 1996

Your friend seems to have a tin ear for West Indian speech.

<Higo trafalger> may be Hygrophila difformis (Water hyacinth)

<Travelers Palm> is surely Ravenala madagascariensis, the Traveller's Palm
or Traveller's Tree

<Exuria> would be one of the several species of Ixora commonly found in the
tropics, probably I. chinensis, I. coccinea, or  I. javanica

<Museandra africa> might be Mussaenda erythrophylla, native to w. Africa
and now pantropical.

More on all of the above can be found in any book on tropical horticulture
or such standard reference works as Hortus III, Exotica (A.B. Graf), and
Tropica (A.B. Graf).

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