Help! I'm killing my Boston Fern!

Kyle Matthies kmatthi1 at
Sat Nov 30 12:08:25 EST 1996

I don't know a lot about plants and its showing as my boston fern continues
to get more and more sparse as leaves are drying and falling off.  

When  plants are like this, I thought it was pretty safe to assume they
need more water, and so have been watering generously--not to drown, but to
keep the pot moist enough--never letting it dry out.
I've given a bit of plant food, but not too much because I didn't want to
"burn" the plant.

Orignally, I had the plant in the bathroom, and have since moved it into
the livingroom hoping it just needed a change of scenery.  Its just getting

The livingroom is quite sunny, but not too direct.

could it be that our heating tends to be on the hot side?
Any tips would be appreciated.


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