Anthuriums question

patrick timlin ptimlin at
Sat Nov 30 14:42:12 EST 1996

Hi, I have two small pots each with a Anthurium (Hawaii Flamingo 
Flower).  Right now they are placed side by side in a little bowl (almost 
globe shaped) which has about an inch of gravel under to allow drainage.  
Roots of the plant are starting to outgrow the little pots they came in.

I need advice and what to do.  The globe they are in is about 5 inches 
high (maybe a pint of water capacity).  I was thinking of maybe leaving 
the gravel in or adding another inch and then taking the plants out of 
their pots and putting into this bowl and filling around them and a 
little more under them of vermiculite and/or perlite (those two were 
suggested on the sheet that came with the plants, I don't really know 
what they are).

I figure the extra "planting media" would allow for root growth, while 
the gravel bed would allow drainage (since there are no holes in the 
bowl) as well as a gage (it is a clear bowl) to keep the water level 
below the "planting media" yet, maintining some water in there.  Roots 
could grow down into the gravel if they wanted (one of the plants has a 
root coming out of the pot and into the gravel now).

Anyway, does this sound reasonable?  I know nothing about these plants 
and in fact not a whole lot about plants in general, although I do seem 
to have decent success at maintaining houseplants.

Patrick Timlin    ptimlin at    ptimlin at

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