Chromosome Counting

Edward K. Gilding egilding at
Wed Oct 2 01:00:17 EST 1996

I am a plant hobbyist interested in counting the chromosomes of the 
plants im growing (Hoya sp.) as no information is available on their 
counts.  The main drive is for hybridlization between species and I 
realize that simply having the same amount of chromosomes wont make a 
successful cross but these counts could help with taxonomy as well.  Hoya 
sp. are in a dizzy mess of dubious names and sections.

I kinda got the obvious supplies:

A microscope...but what type? binoc or monoc? dissecting? lighting? 

Slides? do I have to dissolve the cell membranes? do I need to use 
certain tissues(obviously not pollen or ovum)? root tips?


is it even someone one can do at home with a little lab equipment? I have 
suppliers though so thats not a problem.

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