Uptake and translocation of heavy metals

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I can not giv specific info but many years ago there was an article
published by the GOLD INSTITUTE which gav info on primative plants which
could uptake gold from trailing fields. This work was done in Israel. I
doubt if any commercial application since small rate of up take. Their
idea was to clean up contaminated heavy metal waste.

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Joerg Burkhardt wrote:
> Hi!
> I am searching informations about uptake, translocation and accumulation
> of URANIUM and LEAD in plants. Respectively I am interested on conifers
> and deciduous trees.
> Our first results show, that uranium in roots is very high (up to 700
> ppm). In needles we found up to 50 ppm, and in wood nothing.
> We examined trees growing on uranium tailings in the Erzgebirge,
> Germany.
> Greetings, Joerg

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