scale on ferns

Mike Barnes diversft at
Thu Oct 3 06:12:02 EST 1996

Geoff & Sheila wrote:
> rdeane at (Bill Deane) wrote:
> >Info sought on removal  or control of parasitic scale on  household fern
> >plants. Replies by e-mail will be appreciated. Thanx in advance.
> >Bill.
> I believe these are plant spores, and harmless. Does anyone disagree?
> Sheila

Hi Sheila,

I have to disagree - hard-shelled brown scale is the most serious pest
my ferns have, particularly nasty on my footed and maidenhair ferns; can
decimate a fern if unoticed.  A friend also has problems with cottony
scale in her collection.

Only effective controls I've found for my "sensitive" ferns is
hand-picking (a chore with a large collection, getting easier now that
I've thinned my collection), and a pyrethrin spray (with care).

BTW, it's easier to control the greater the distance between fern


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