Organic Hydroponics

BRateaver brateaver at
Thu Oct 3 05:57:04 EST 1996

If you are replying to me, the CEC stuff is all part of the myth that
plant roots "exchange" nutrients with ions attached to the soil clay
particles having surface negative charges.

This is not the case, because the roots are not in contact like that. They
are enclosed in a thick gelatinous layer, the mucigel.

All those sketches showing naked root hairs in contact with the clay
particles are not true to actuality. They give a false impression.

Also, there is always talk about organisms that "break down". They do but
they ALSO BUILD UP. That is how they chelate minerals, form compounds.

Also, hydroponic solutions eliminate mycorrhizal aid.

Also, hydroponics is not a natural type of medium for land plants. Water
plants have specially designed tissues for aqueous environment--aerating
tissue---so you will not get that if you immerse a carrot in water

B. Rateaver

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