Mike Barnes diversft at magicnet.net
Thu Oct 3 06:04:58 EST 1996

Barrister wrote:
> I was wondering what the scientific name for this particular fern I
> own. It is from Australia and may be called the Australian Tree Fern.
> Also, if anyone could give me instructions for care, I would
> appreciate it!
> Thanks!
> Barrister
> barristr at america.net

There seems to be some "confusion" as to it's botanical name: I use
Cyathea cooperi (believe it's most current), have heard that
Sphaeropteris cooperi is a valid synonym, and have often seem it listed
as C. australis or an Alsophila species.

Care is typical tropical fern (with allowances for their size/height). 
USDA zones 9/10 (Here in Z9 I give them winter protection to be safe). 
Shelter from wind, above average humidity, rich soil, don't let them get
dry, etc.

Hope this helps,

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