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>What plants are the definite no-no for a houselhold with one very curious
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There is a section in the Basic Health Care FAQ for rec.pets.cats which 
gives a listing of indoor and outdoor plants which can cause problems for 
cats.  I have reproduced the indoor plant list below: I am sure that the 
list is not exhaustive, but should cover most of the commonly found 
plants with feline toxicity.

     * Gives a rash after contact: chrysanthemum; creeping fig; weeping
       fig; pot mum; spider mum.
     * Irritating; the mouth gets swollen; tongue pain; sore lips --
       potentially fatal, these plants have large calcium oxalate
       crystals and when chewed, esophageal swelling may result,
       resulting in death unless an immediate tracheotomy is done:
       Arrowhead vine; Boston ivy; caladium; dumbcane (highly fatal);
       Emerald Duke; heart leaf (philodendrum); Marble Queen; majesty;
       neththyis; parlor ivy; pathos; red princess; saddle leaf
       (philodendron); split leaf (philodendron).
     * Generally toxic; wide variety of poisons; usually cause vomiting,
       abdominal pain, cramps; some cause tremors, heart and respiratory
       and/or kidney problems (difficult for you to interpret):
       Amaryllis; azalea; bird of paradise; crown of thorns; elephant
       ears; glocal ivy; heart ivy; ivy; Jerusalem cherry; needlepoint
       ivy; pot mum; ripple ivy; spider mum; umbrella plant.

After reading this list, my own house lost most of it's greenery!

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