Wild garlic

Beverly Erlebacher bae at oci.utoronto.ca
Thu Oct 3 13:09:32 EST 1996

In article <3251781A.7BF7 at total.net> frank at total.net writes:
>I am working on a research project on wild garlic.
>I am working out in Quebec, and I need informations on how the plant

Is this Allium tricoccum?  It is sometimes called wild leek, and eaten
as a spring tonic.  It sets viable seeds, blooming with yellowish white
flowers in early summer after its leaves die back.  The seeds may take
a couple of years to germinate.  The bulbs also divide.  In eastern
Ontario I can't remember ever seeing it in the wild except in open woods
mixed into patches of dog-tooth violets, also known as trout lilies,
Erythronium sp.

Beverly Erlebacher
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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