color stimulus?

Andrea Powers-Probstfeld anya12 at
Mon Oct 7 19:11:27 EST 1996

	today I noticed two plants growing side by side but whose leaf 
color was changing in very different patterns.  In one the leaves 
had begun dying randomly, all over.  In the other the leaves on the 
SW side had begun to die, but the rest of the tree was still 
vibrant green.

	Do different plants/trees have different stimulus for 
dormancy?  Perhaps the random tree is affecten by temp and the SW 
tree by light direction or duration?  What is the sense organ?  
Stomata?  Are hormones released, and how is the flow of xylem and 
phloem stopped?

	If anybody knows, I'd sure be interested, thanks

Andrea Powers-Probstfeld

anya12 at

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