Can anyone help identify this plant?

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Mon Oct 7 22:35:26 EST 1996

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>>When I was a teenager, I got this plant from a teacher of mine.  She told 
>>me it was called "Star of Bethlehem."  It is clearly some type of 
>>succulent:  thick leaves and tolerated drying out completely.  The leaves 
>>are flat with scolloped edges.  The seem to emerge from the stem almost 
>>like the stem just flattens out.  They are like 6-12 inches long, and 
>>perhaps 2 inches wide.  There is no symmetrical shape to the plants, 
>>leaves and stems seem to can get (for my family, at least) 3-4 feet 
>>tall.  It blooms only at night, and the blossom will open only once--by 
>>the next morning it has closed.  The stem the blossom is on sort of grows 
>>downward, then curves upward slightly, sort of like a side-ward "J".  Any 
>>suggestion what this might be, and a book that would help in a positive 
>Hi, The Ornithogalum umbellatum L. is called the Star of Bethleham.
 I believe it belongs in the Lily family. You can find good information
in the book A Modern Herbal, by Maud Grieve, Penguin Books (I have the
1976 edition)

My best wishes, Laurie

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