houseplants and cat?

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>: What plants are the definite no-no for a houselhold with one very 
>: cat?
>        Some time ago I had to remove a very pretty dwarf azalea from my
>house because one cat kept chewing on it and then getting sick.  At the
>time I did some research and found a very long list of toxic plants (e.g.
>Dieffenbachia sp.); unfortunately I can't find it now, but I bet your
>librarian could.
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I am also interested in aquiring a list of toxic house plants. I have  
a cat that chews on plants from time to time. It seems that only some
of the plants makes the cat sick. The list of toxic house plants 
would make it possible for me to rid my inside garden of these plants.

M. Fillyaw

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