sweet grass

Gene Newcomb newcombg at bcc.orst.edu
Tue Oct 8 16:46:23 EST 1996

In article <325a8b00.7229305 at news.primenet.com>, ericn.primenet.com 
>On 8 Oct 1996 06:35:01 GMT, kidkaos at uslink.net (WyldRose) wrote:
>>       Can anyone please tell me the scientific name for sweet grass?  
>>the Camams but the actual grass?  Thanks!!!
>>                       Kay
>>                       kidkaos at uslink.net
>Perhaps you are refering to Hierochoe odorata, an aggressive native of
>North American wet prairies.
>Eric Nitardy
>St. Paul, MN
>ericn at primenet.com
I agree with Eric that this is the most likely candidate, although two 
other genera at least also produce the sweet smelling coumarin.  The 
Indians of the eastern US used Hierochloe in a number of ways, as a 
smudge, to lay between layers of clothing, and as a component of 
baskets,in the latter case often braided before being woven as weft in 
the basket.  

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