Gibberellic Acid: How do I use it?

FaganJohns faganjohns at
Tue Oct 8 22:16:04 EST 1996

With cacti, I don't think that you need to treat with gebberellins.  Most
cacti seed germinated just fine after cold stratification, and in a moist
environment.  It also depends on the cactus species you are dealing with,
to see if they need scarification (removing part of the outer seed coat,
usually with sandpaper or sulfuric acid).  If you use gibberellic acids
(they are costly), just place them in the germination medium (hopefully
not soil, use blotter paper or other inert media to decrease chance of
fungal infection) and add the chemical to the water you moisten the seeds
with.  I can be more specific if you would like, contact me at
Faganjohns at  Good Luck!


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