Hydrastis canadensis

Alan Weder aweder at umich.edu
Wed Oct 9 09:17:11 EST 1996

I am a physician at U. Michigan.  I encountered a patient who had very
high levels of urinary norepinephrine but proved not to have a
pheochromocytoma (catecholamine-producing adrenal tumor).  On review of
his diet, he turned out to be taking a supplement called "Golden Seal
Herb", which apparently contains Hydrastis canadensis.  On HPLC, this
stuff has a compound that comes out close enough to norepinephrine to
fool the detector, hence the report of elevated urinary norepinephrine. 
Does anyone know what this plant is, what compounds it makes that could
co-elute with norepinephrine ar alternatively, where I might seek such
information?  Thanks in advance

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