Help: Genetically engineered plants.

ANNE KNOX aknox at
Thu Oct 10 10:23:52 EST 1996

On 10 Oct 1996, S A Croft wrote:

> Hi, I'm doing a project on the release of genetically engineered plants 
> into the environment.  Can anyone recommend any references and/or 
> addresses to write to for further information on any aspect of this 
> subject??  Any help would be gratefully recieved.  Thanks in 
> anticipation, Stuart Croft.
> Email: S.A.Croft at
As long as your at it, don't ignore the *patenting* of genetically 
engineered food plants by large agri-chemical companies in the U.S. and 
abroad.  Protesters of the patenting of living things are really stirring 
things up in India and parts of Europe.  In the US, we cannot protest 
patents, but coalitions have formed here that are pressing Congress to 
debate this issue.  When you consider that any research done on these 
engineered plants will result in royalties to the patent holding company, 
it's clear that most of the future research will be done by the 
agro-chemical companies themselves - you should consider the implications 
when you research your project.

- Anne

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