plants wanted!!

Laurie Lacey llacey at
Sat Oct 12 22:36:20 EST 1996

Hi, I have the seeds of plantago major which grows in Nova Scotia,
Canada. However, this was introduced from Europe with the early settlers.
Email me if you would like seeds. Best regards, Laurie

In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.961007103626.7975D-100000 at bute>, psmg at says...
>I am a PhD student working on the effects of ultraviolet-B radition on 
>species of Plantago and am trying to get seeds from around the world.  
>Could anyone help me with with this either by sending me seeds or by 
>giving me addresses of people to contact around the world.  Any 
>information would be apprecited.
>I can be contacted directly:-
>        psmg at
>pamela gray

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