Organic Hydroponics

BRateaver brateaver at
Sun Oct 13 18:49:21 EST 1996

Plasmodesmata are old news, but I am grateful to you for the reference and
for reminding me to check for that word next time I go to UCR.

One reason I was so glad to get the endocytosis photos was that, since my
aim is to help people learn to raise their own food without chemicals,
this info would show them that they do NOT need to rely on chemical
DEfertilizers. It is the chemical companies who keep insisting that only
ions can be absorbed.

Movement thru plasmodesmata is for items already IN the cell. Endo shows
how thet get into the cell in the first place.

Another reason for my pushing my tired, aging tissues to write such books
is that, with Armageddon finally just around the corner, everyone who is
permitted to survive that will HAVE to raise her/his own food. There will
no more be any farmers, that raise food for others.  It is surprising how
many people have no idea at all about soil.

B. Rateaver

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