Organic Hydroponics

BRateaver brateaver at
Sun Oct 13 18:38:09 EST 1996

Yes, I have already told you I got the photos from researchers, to use for
the book, and of course I had to publish it myself. No one else would have
been willing to do it, for several reasons.

Anyway, I started to write it, because of continual clamor from far and
wide, for a reprint of the original Primer I had to write for my classes
when I provided the whole world's educational system with the start of
teaching organic method for degree credit at university level.

Since my course was the original, pioneering effort, teaching of organic
courses are now common, but someone had to start it.

I got so sick of the sight of that Primer, that I let it go out of print.
I also stopped chasing up and down the state, driving all night from San
Diego to northern cities, for 8 a. m. classes, and teaching in a different
county every night, and all the radio and TV work--so I quit when I got my
son thru UCSD.

But I was pestered from all sides to reprint, so when my son said it was
time to get a computer, I thought that would be so much easier than a
  HA !!  It took me 15 years, not so much for the data, since I had a
houseful of cabinets jammed with such, but to fight the ornery computer,
doing it on a shoestring and utilizing cheap programs, when regular big
texts are done by a big staff of a big publisher with half a dozen
proofreaders and a 5-figure program.

I also am not particularly anxious to sell it to university libraries,
since my purpose in writing it was to help people learn to raise their own
food without poisons, not to allow some supercilious, sneering prof to
take it on permanent loan, thereby hiding it in his office forever.  From
long experience I know these reactions. As they say, pioneers get
slaughtered, and it was partly the computer problems that "slaughtered"

I am willing to try to survive a few years longer, if that is possible at
80, to get that book into the hands of those who can appreciate the ease
of finding in one book the main aids to growing one's own food safely.

I have 2 much larger Primers still on computer, but I may not live long
enough to complete them, and I don't intend to try to do them unless I can
get some source of financial help. 

I imagine this is more info about the Primer than you really wanted to
hear.  But I do thank you for the help you gave me with all those

B. Rateaver

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