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>> I am doing a huge leaf collection for my honors biology class.
>> I absolutely need a pawpaw by the 17th.  Please e-mail me if
>> you know where one is in PA or if you can send me a few leaves.
>> Thanks,
>> Susie

>I think you mean Asimina triloba also called Papaya.  My records show one for
>1974 in Greene Co, Wheeling Creek, Great George trail or also Cumberland

>But is this location a good one for you being in mayby Philadelphia?

>How about a Persimmon in Laughlintown near Ligonier?



The common Pawpaw, or Asimina triloba as Chris stated is usually
fairly abundant in any stretch of Carolinian Forests.  I am in
Southern Ontario, and have a number of them in our woods.
Unfortuneatly for us, most of there leaves have dropped already, but
some still have them.  If you want, I can send you several, however;
I don't think you will receive them in time.  Monday is our
Thanksgiving Holiday, so the post office will be closed.  Mailed on
Tuesday, reach border by Thursday, one to ten days in customs and then
to you, not very good odds.

You should have them near you in any natural forest growth,
conservation area or arbouretum, check with local agricultural centres
and schools.

Good Luck !!

Dave Richardson
Port Dover, Ontario

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