Help: Genetically engineered plants.

Nathaniel N Horton horto006 at
Sat Oct 12 23:50:28 EST 1996

Um, your description of the project sounds biased- hopefully that doesn't 
translate into a biased project?  You make it sound like someone's 
playing "Johny Transgenic Seed".  Do you think this may actualy be a 
bias, or does it just sound like one to my ears?

	-Grey N. Horton

In article <53igef$17k at>,
S A Croft <S.A.Croft at> wrote:
>Hi, I'm doing a project on the release of genetically engineered plants 
>into the environment.  Can anyone recommend any references and/or 
>addresses to write to for further information on any aspect of this 
>subject??  Any help would be gratefully recieved.  Thanks in 
>anticipation, Stuart Croft.
>Email: S.A.Croft at

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