Organic Hydroponics

BRateaver brateaver at
Sun Oct 13 19:11:49 EST 1996

The reason commercial hydroponic growers don't see bugs is that they
extremely carefully protect their greenhouses, from entrance by anything,
anyone that might bring in any kind of contaminant, be that a human or
animal or plant. Just like tissue culture places, you keep out unless
specially permitted to enter, wearing the right things, etc.  These plants
are particularly vulnerable.

 The real way to have healthy plants is to grow them the way they were
created to grow--in soil loaded with soil organisms of great variety and
value. Then bugs and disease don't attack because they don't find the
electromagnetic frequencies that tell them to eat those plants. It is the
health of the plant that protects it.

You can grow people in comparable "prisons" too, and CLAIM they are

B. Rateaver

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