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>> I am doing a huge leaf collection for my honors biology class.
>> I absolutely need a pawpaw by the 17th.  Please e-mail me if
>> you know where one is in PA or if you can send me a few leaves.
>> Thanks,
>> Susie
>I think you mean Asimina triloba also called Papaya.  My records show
one for
>1974 in Greene Co, Wheeling Creek, Great George trail or also
>But is this location a good one for you being in mayby Philadelphia?
>How about a Persimmon in Laughlintown near Ligonier?


     Susie was right in regard to the common name of Asimina triloba. 
It is pawpaw. . .take it from a Greene County native and student of
dendrology.  Just curious. . .are you doing a botanical survey of PA? 
You seem to have pretty good records.


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