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S A Croft S.A.Croft at
Mon Oct 14 04:27:00 EST 1996

>Um, your description of the project sounds biased- hopefully that 
>translate into a biased project?  You make it sound like someone's 
>playing "Johny Transgenic Seed".  Do you think this may actualy be a 
>bias, or does it just sound like one to my ears?
>        -Grey N. Horton
In fact, the  project title provided by the university is just simply 
"the release of genetically engineered plants", a pretty broad title to 
say the least.  The major proportion of the project is to discuss both 
the pros and cons of a scientific and ethical minefield, ie not only 
the release and control of transgenic plants, but also whether the 
"need" is out-weighed by the potential problems (eg. is the 
modification to improve crop yield, or just change the colour of a 
flower?).  However, the emphasis of the project must be on the actual 
release modified plants and problems that may thus be caused (eg 
sexual and asexual DNA transfer).  Strategies for overcoming the  
problems of containment must also be included (so I've been told by my 
supervisor).  I hope that brief explanation removes your reservations 
as to whether the project will turn out to be biased in any way 
(particularly towards anyone wishing to play "Johny transgenic Seed"). 
 Thanks for your contribution to the project discussion, as I've said 
before - all help / contributions are gratefully recieved.
Stuart Croft, University of Sheffield, England.

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