need advice on OLD apple tree

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>Pruning, maybe, but the fact the writer (Sacharof) says all the apples have 
>worms makes it sound like apple codling moth or some other insect and not a 
>pruning problem.  Being that you (Dr. van Helden) are in Entomolgy makes me 
>think you have substainial knowledge in the area of insects and such, but it 
>still sounds like it could be a pest problem instead of pruning or pH to 
>little ol' me.  I would recomend (to Sacharof)trying an extension office from 
>one of the regional Uni's- I don't know what or even if UW has an Ag or 
>Horticulture Dept, as WSU is very strong in both areas.  In fact, the 
>best thing to do would probably use Gopher to find the WSU extentionists 
>and email them.
>        Good luck w/ yer apples!
>        Grey N. Horton
>        Grad Student
>        Dept. of Horticulture
>        U of Minnesota
>        (Damn it's cold here already!)
Yes, Grey, it will be insects in the apples, and it would be nice and useful 
to get a proper identification from an extension officer, maybe together with 
a chemical cure. The question is wether this would solve the problem. If the 
larvae are IN the apples there is no way to kill them by spraying. the crop 
for this year will be partially lost (you can still make excellen apple sauce, 
and a little extra protein nevere harmed anybody). What i am more interested 
in is the CAUSE of the infestation. Could be a coincidence, just a couple of 
egg batches more from this particular insect, but it COULD be that teh cause 
lays in an increase vulnerability of the tree due to age, overpopulation of 
apples, fertilization etc. etc.. I was moer looking for a long term approach 
for an old tree, then a short term solution (nonexistent in this case ??) 


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