Unknown sickness of Dieffenbacchia

Anne Gillen ez049617 at boris.ucdavis.edu
Fri Oct 18 20:43:59 EST 1996

Agnes Archaud (agnesa at odyssee.net) wrote:
: I purchased a Dieffenbachia "Tropic Snow" about ten days ago. Since
: about day 2 some droplets of what seems to be sap oozing out of the
: leaves (only) have started to appear.  When described to the florist,
: she gave me advice on how to treat for spidermite which by my book
: doesn't seem to be what is taking place.  Anybody has any idea of what
: is going on here?  If so please send suggestions to agnesa at odyssee.net.
: Thanks.

Where is it oozing?  There is a phenomena whereby water is pushed out of
leaves by the pressure of the water in the soil.  It is harmless if that
is all it is. My alocasia does it all the time.  The drips are at the very
tip of the leaf. However, if the liquid is very sticky I would look for
scale under the leaves.  Why not just wash the plant in some soapy water
(regular dish detergent in warm water) and rinse with water just in case
it is an insect.  Maybe spider mites contribute to this phenomena.  


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