need advice on OLD apple tree

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Sun Oct 6 12:41:37 EST 1996

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>>Last year I spoke to the head gardener at a local historic house which
>>is being restored to show how people lived in the middle of the last
>>century.  The house has a small orchard which was quite neglected when
>>the Parks Department took it over.  She told me that the trees were badly
>>infested with disease and insect problems, and for authenticity they wished
>>to use traditional controls.  They started by scrupulously cleaning up and
>>destroying all fallen leaves and fruit, so as to prevent overwintering of
>>pests.  Great improvement was seen the following year, and after another
>>year most of the fruit was free of codling moth, black spot and other
>>I was impressed by how effective this simple, non-toxic method was.  The
>>fruit looked good to me - not as perfect as supermarket apples, but quite
>>acceptable for home use.
>>Beverly Erlebacher
>>Toronto, Ontario Canada

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