Unknown sickness of Dieffenbacchia

Maarten van Helden maarten.vanhelden at medew.ento.wau.nl
Mon Oct 21 02:00:01 EST 1996

In article <3267E519.5ECD at odyssee.net>, agnesa at odyssee.net says...
>I purchased a Dieffenbachia "Tropic Snow" about ten days ago. Since
>about day 2 some droplets of what seems to be sap oozing out of the
>leaves (only) have started to appear.  When described to the florist,
>she gave me advice on how to treat for spidermite which by my book
>doesn't seem to be what is taking place.  Anybody has any idea of what
>is going on here?  If so please send suggestions to agnesa at odyssee.net.

Plants often use this technique to get rid of some excess water. It is called 
guttation and takes place (is visible) mainly in the dark under hunid 
conditions. Many plants show this phenomena (ficus and monstera are two good 
examples for houseplants.
It is however also possible that this is a sign of a bacterial infection. In 
that case the drops are usually slighhtly brown or yellowish and a bit sticky. 
If that is true try to get a new plant, it's very difficult to cure.

Don't blame it all on bugs.....

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