Help! Hawaiian Schefflera (Brassaia Arboricola)

Doug Meyer dmeyer at
Tue Oct 22 20:55:57 EST 1996

I've had this Hawaiian Schefflera plant since the summer of 1995 and its leaves
have been in a wilted position for what seems like forever.  Recently some
leaves have been dropping off.  I watered it about a week ago and a few days
before that.  It gets bright light during the good days, and the instructions
say to keep the soil moderately dry.  I live in Indiana, and my plant is
sitting in the corner of my bedroom with a window on each corner.  I don't know
if it has just been wilting because of too much wateringr, or just the cool
fall air that has been coming in my windows that is about 60-70 F during the
daytime.  It also says to keep it in the 70-75 F range, but I haven't done so
good about that.  Or maybe it isn't getting enough light?  I can't determine.
Is there any way I can help this poor plant?

Doug M.
dmeyer at

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