How to skeletonize leaves?

Old Goat Dick at
Wed Oct 23 10:05:02 EST 1996

Mary Ann Cushman wrote:
> Hi-
> Cellulase? In nature, I think its a fungal process, maybe, so that's
> what I would guess. There might be an acid procedure - look up lignin
> isolation, and see what they do to get rid of the structural and non-
> structural carbohydrates (cellulose/pectin or sugars/starch).
> Low tech option? Bury them under a shallow layer of soil outside.
> Mer

A solution of Sodium hydroxide (lye) which is caustic and can cause
burns will remove the cells from the leaf veins in a short time. They
should be gently brushed off after soaking for a while. Experiment, but

Dick Wagner

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