Yellow Jackets

Michael L Roginsky d_micro at
Wed Oct 23 16:34:35 EST 1996

This is probably the wrong place to post a bit of wisdom that the
bionet taught me a few days ago. I was lifting-up a section of a dead
tree that was rotting. I use branch piles to provide critter habitat. I
got stung on the right lower arm. Instintly I dropped all and exited
fast. Funny though. The yellow jacket attacked my red shirt. Several
others were in the process. I looked over at my red power saw, just
laying by, and it was covered up by the jackets. So I pulled-off the
shirt and approached on a white T shirt. I couldn't retrieve my saw. So
I got a puffer loaded with 10% carbaryl and dusted violenty. Then I got
my saw and found where the hole was located. The rest is easy. One
handfull of carbaryl powder on the entry and they all died. Micro.

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