Calotropis gigantea - some info

Henk Henk
Fri Oct 25 07:36:36 EST 1996

seagle at (Stephen  Eagle) writes:

>	Can anybody help with some information about the above species? 
>It grows beautifully on abandoned granite mine sites, and could be very 
>useful for slope stabilisation, or just generally in mine rehabilitation. 
>Any information on this plant, its taxonomy, properties, uses etc would 
>be gratefully received.

Calotropis gigantea (L.) Ait.f., family Asclepiadaceae, fairly widespread
in tropics of Old World. Its congener, C. procera (Aiton) Aiton, would
presumably do just as nicely. They fruit freely and like ruderal situations - 
don't know about their root systems though, I always assumed fairly shallow.
And some nice side benefits: Mabberly informs us that they produce bark
fibre, kapok from the seed floss, medicinal leaves, and the flowers are
candied; C. procera has been seen as a possible source for hydrocarbons.

Good luck!


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