medical garden

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Sat Oct 26 14:25:11 EST 1996

I run a small medical garden in a hospital in Nottingham
Uk (City Hospital). I am not a botanist or plant person
(I am an anaesthetist !) and I am looking to see if anyone
in the vicinity would be interested in helping me run it.
No money in it for you though - its all for just for the 
interest - but it IS interesting. 
I grow only those plants which have  a direct bearing on 
drugs used in hospitals (we actually use quite a few in
anaesthesia believe it or not). I am looking for expertise in
growing some of the tropical plants of interest (eg curare
and physostigma venenatum), as well as any other help you may
be prepared to give (equipment, money, plants, seeds) etc.

Anyone interested or just curious, please do contact me.
dick.nickalls at
100115.1010 at
Dept of Anaesthesia, City Hospital, Nottingham, UK

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