Yellow Jackets

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>What are Yellow Jackets, and did they all deserve to die?
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Hello Roger......I thought you'd jump me on this one. But I couldn't
find a user group on insects, so I posted here. Yello jackets are meat
eaters and make their nests underground. They are shorter than a wasp
but have very bad temper, somehow reminds me od the African Killer bee
that also by the way attacks red violently. These jackets are common on
the south east US, and the only ones I know that build underground.
Carbaryl (Sevin) has very low toxicity to warm blooded creatures, but
kill any insect that ingests it. The jackets get sevin over their
antennae and other body parts. When cleaning-up they ingest and die.
This is a particularly irritable insect and one has to watch the food
carefully when eating outdoors. So that makes them pests, especially if
someone is allergic to the sting. :) Micro.

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