please help me find uses for used coffee grounds

shannon wagoner shannon at
Sun Oct 27 02:53:00 EST 1996

i work at a motel, i have to make a good half dozen pots of coffee
every day, being a very thrift person, i save the grounds, but i have
run out of ideas of how to effectivly use them to either help around
the house or to make some kind of money.

things i have tried:
1. i have put the grounds around the base of a couple of rose bushes,
i think it made the bush grow several more flowers than it would have,
all the bushes i planted this spring had 2-5 rose buds, but the couple
of plants i put the grounds on had 12 and 13 rose buds, not sure if
the coffee did it, so i thought maybe some one here might know.
2. a cool side effect of the roses, it attracted a whole bunch of
spiders, they loved to just sit on the grounds (maybe kill them before
they get into the house)
things i could try:
1. raise earth worms using this to help (i live in a lake area so it
would be "sellable")
2. throw in the compost pile
3. if the roses were growing better from the grounds, add it to my
4. if any one wanted to buy some of it, i'd love to sell it.

any one have any ideas for other uses, preferably with a "money
making" idea would be greatly appreciated, i am always in need of
supplimental income.

please e-mail me your ideas, i try to follow this news group, but stay
pretty busy, e-mail grabs my attention quick. thanks a bunch.

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