please help me find uses for used coffee grounds

BRateaver brateaver at
Sun Oct 27 23:11:44 EST 1996

If you had put this on alt. sustainable.agriculture, you would have
probably had a dozen replies.

I don't know if you could sell it, but it is one of the very finest
organic fertilizers/soil amendments you could find. People who don't want
to go chasing in restaurants, etc. for coffee grounds just might buy it
from you because more convenient.

But organic growers have gone to the trouble of leaving a clean pail every
day at the same hour, at restaurants, fast food places, etc. just to get a
pailful of grounds.

In the Organic Method Primer UPDATE, the index -pg 517, there are 7
entries under Coffee, 6 of which are clearly for uses in the garden. You
would profit by reading the chapters involved.

B. Rateaver

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