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Sun Oct 27 14:19:50 EST 1996

Carol Hanny <channy at esslink.com> wrote:

>Just wondering if anyone has any info on butternuts, Juglans cinerea.  I 
>read they are being attacked by a slow killing fungus.  I live in 
>Connecticut and used to know where there were a few trees, but can't 
>find any of them.  The same is reported by friends.  Any info would be 
>greatly appreciated.

>Either post here or email me.

>channy at esslink.com

Hi Carol:

I live in Southern Ontario, Canada (zone 6B) and we have an abundance
of butternut trees here.  I've spent numerous hours the last two weeks
racing squirrels to the nuts (they are very sweet and delicious even
if a little oily).

No sign of fungus or population decline is noticeable here. (however,
I'm not a fungus expert).  We have a Nut Tree Growers Association
here, and I will pose your question to them about the middle of the
week and let you know what information they have regarding fungus'.

I sure hope they aren't being attacked, they are a lovely tree and a
staple for the forests of my area.

Port Dover, Ontario
dwr at nornet.on.ca

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