Geese eat the roses

BRateaver brateaver at
Wed Oct 30 07:20:12 EST 1996

It's not that much, on pg 95 of the Organic Method Primer UPDATE, in the
chapter on weeds, where various remedies are noted, but the idea is , if
you use geese to get rid of weeds, you should let them eat only until they
have taken up most of the weeds; THEN REMOVE THEM and supply grain or
rabbit/poultry pellets. Give them such supplemental foods each day before
they are put to work on grassy weeds.

Chinese weeder geese will eat Johnsongrass, Bermuda grass, nutsedge,
watergrass, crabgrass and puncture vine.

It may not be worth your while to feed them enough so they won't need to
go after your roses.

B. Rateaver

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