Image manipulation guidelines

Lorraine Sohlberg lorraine at NATURE.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Oct 31 13:44:39 EST 1996

Bionetters- I work at a facility where researchers (myself included) video
capture and scan-in images for formatting with Photoshop or Canvas to
generate figures. I see a lot of image manipulation here and was wondering
if there are any useful guidelines for this.

Has anyone ever seen any published or unpublished guidelines outlining
acceptable and unacceptable modifications of digital images (of gels,
blots, in situs,cells,etc.) for scientific publication? Are there any
guidelines for documenting the alterations done to an image before
publication? Everyone seems to be using Photoshop to process their data
these days and I was wondering if anyone has put down in black and white
what is acceptable or not. Do you know of any imaging newsgroup where if I
put out a query along these lines I would get some feedback? Would anyone
like to propose any such guidelines?

Inquiring minds want to know- Lorraine Sohlberg, NSF Center for Plant and
Microbial Biology at UC Berkeley

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