INFO NEEDED -Plant Antioxidants-

Pierre le Roux arbor at
Sun Sep 1 07:04:45 EST 1996

Anis Limami <limami at> wrote:


>I am looking for all kind of information(s) that one would be 
>kind to bring me about 
>- plant crude extracts or plant purified molecules which have 
>antioxidant properties

The best would be to approach companies utilising such molecules. I
only know that they are vastly more expensive than the synthetic
alternatives used at present (Rosemarin was roughly 8x the price of
the generally used additive in local margarine, last time I looked)

The problem with most plant derived molecules are that at present very
few can be extracted economically - I rather fany the idea of inducing
overproducing strains by in-vitro treatment with mutagens - If anyone
is willing to sponsor such a project, do keep me in mind: I have a
small research T/C lab, and am interested in such things

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